SWMR rash guard and matching bikini bottoms in black and tile print


SWMR is swimwear for when you don’t care whether it’s the local beach, river, or lake. You’re in.

It’s for the dip at lunch time. And underestimating the walk from your car with that beast of a paddleboard.

It’s for when stopping to stretch your legs during a roadie involves getting wet. And when you should probably be wearing a wetsuit according to the weather app.

It’s for water-based mischief, and landing with your top intact. For borrowing a board and laughing at yourself. Or just dipping your toes and lying out for a bit.

While other swimwear may do the job when you’re horizontal and checking your phone, we ask a little more from our fit and fabric. We believe that even after being supremely dumped by a wave you should be able to feel confident that you’re not flashing the beach. And that you shouldn’t have to compromise on style to do so.

Unlike our product, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we enjoy a good bit of banter. Fell off your board? Bonus dip. Just got lapped by a 90 year old? We’re not in this to win Olympic gold. We believe in having a good time while you’re out there giving it a go. 

SWMR founder Sophie Wardrop in The Dip Paddle Suit in print
SWMR founder Sophie Wardrop in The Dunk One Piece swimsuit in black
SWMR founder Sophie Wardrop in The Dip One Piece swimsuit

Founded by Sophie Wardrop, SWMR has taken inspiration from her active, beach lifestyle and an obsession with athleisure fashion.  Living by the ocean in three different parts of New Zealand, (Sophie splits her time between her Kohimarama pad, her family bach in Tauranga, and home-away-from-home Hataitai beach-front cottage in Wellington) the sport science qualified former competitive swimmer has tried and tested many swimwear brands.  While trading off between a too-flimsy-for-function bikini versus her training togs for the umpteenth time before hitting the beach, Sophie pondered why there wasn’t a clean, modern swimwear brand with a fashion aesthetic that hit the right spots on the body, that also held up to being dumped by a wave or a quick splash out to a buoy.  

Athleisure doesn’t need to stop at the beach, that form and function works for water too. Sophie spent two years developing the SWMR brand.  

‘SWMR had to borrow from swim and surf but more the ‘lifestyle’ of those activities; the sort of woman that might take the longboard out or go for a swim but will probably also have a beer waiting at the beach when she gets back.’

Our SWMR pieces are perfect for the multi-tasking, beach and ocean lovin’ woman who is just as likely to be on a paddleboard, having a swim, kayaking, or on a boat than she is to be lying out tanning all day.